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Public awareness of the considerable benefits of natural, herbal treatments for serious ailments has been steadily growing over the past 30 years.

Today, many herbal treatments rival their pharmaceutical drug cousins in effectiveness and popularity.

This is especially true of the male enhancement industry, which has seen an unprecedented explosion in the number of products available in either herbal or synthetic form over the last ten years.

While more options are generally welcomed by consumers, in this case it can lead to confusion and frustration for those searching for a viable, effective male enhancement product among literally hundreds of choices.

This is why at The Center for Male Enhancement Research we have attempted to simplify the decision making process for consumers by reviewing as many male enhancement products that appear on the market as possible.

We do so by analyzing a number of criteria, everything from the credibility of the manufacturer, the legitimacy of the company or product website, references to clinical data verifying the product’s effects, the ingredients used and their quantities, the validity of the product guarantee and return/refund process, the accuracy of any statements regarding product claims and benefits, the cost of the product as well as the overall customer satisfaction with both the product and the manufacturer.

By providing what we believe are the most accurate and unbiased product reviews in the male enhancement industry, we are confident that consumers will benefit from the comparative pros and cons discovered by our research that will allow them to make an informed decision about what is and is not a credible male enhancer.

In this way, The Center for Male Enhancement Research will continue to provide consumers with the most expedient and reliable means of gauging the effectiveness of male enhancement products.

Below are reviews of some top male enhancement in the industry.


Product Comparisons

L-Arginine Horny Goat
Weed /
Lowest Price Guarantee Recommended Read Review

Vigrx Plus
$40.83 67 days Read Review

35.97 90 days Read Review

$32.41 180 days Read Review


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