Maxoderm is a topical lotion manufactured by Barmensen Labs, which according to their website , is designed ‘to enhance male sensation and the feeling of firmness,’ when applied to the penis for 5-10 minutes prior to sexual activity.

Product Description

As a lotion, Maxoderm is quite different from the majority of male enhancement products on the market, which are generally in the form of either natural, herbal supplements or pharmaceutical drugs which are consumed and work by increasing blood flow to the penis.


Maxoderm is designed to be applied directly to the penis in what they call their ‘PATENTED Targeted Delivery formula Vasotran Auctum™,’ which means basically rubbing the lotion directly onto the penis itself.

Maxoderm offers only a minimal 30 day return policy from your date of purchase, but will allow you to return used supplies for a refund.

Product Claims

The product claims to allow men to feel ‘firmer and bigger,’ and ‘helps maximize sensation and the feeling of firmness.’
Maxoderm’s website states there are two primary motivations for producing their male enhancement product as a topical lotion and not a consumable tablet, capsule or pill;

  1. To allow direct application of the ‘powerful ingredient base’ to the penis (although exactly what constitutes this ingredient is not mentioned anywhere on the site)
  2. To prevent adverse side effects which they claim frequently results from digested male enhancement product.

Does it Work

Once applied, Maxoderm claims to begin to work immediately, as evidenced by an ‘exhilarating warming and tingling sensation.’

As far as product claims go, we can verify that this is the only one of Maxoderm’s many assertions that is actually true. Once the product was applied, an immediate sensation of warmth and tingling was experienced.

However, we were able to determine that this feeling was the result of the methyl salicylate (also known as wintergreen oil) ingredient in Maxoderm, which is the same substance that produces a similar sensation in products such as Tiger Balm or Bengay

There is no evidence from our research to indicate that Maxoderm is capable of producing anything more than a topical sensation, and therefore cannot be considered a viable option as a male enhancement product.


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