World Niche Herbals, the manufacturers of ProSolution, advertise the product as a two step system that ‘works to increase erection quality and size.’ The first step is the consumption of the pills for a minimum of 30 days, with the second step being what they call ‘the erection system program,’ which they claim will add between 1.5-2+ inches to a man’s penis after a minimum of 120 days of use. This program is based on a bodybuilder technique known as ‘progressive overload,’ which is a method of building muscle mass through intensively focused weight training.
ProSolution offers a 6 month guarantee if you use the product for a minimum of 90 days but are dissatisfied with the results for any reason. The process requires that you first try the product, then contact their customer support ‘for advice on how to make the product work for you,’ then provide the company with a written request for a refund if their advice proves to be inconclusive.
The website provides a similar option for refund requests before 90 days for used and unopened supplies, minus shipping charges.


The ProSolution website offers a comprehensive list of 12 all natural ingredients that comprise the product, but unfortunately not one of them is found on our list of the Top 5 ingredients that we have identified as critical for the success of male enhancement products.


According to its website, ProSolution will:
– Make your erections feel rock solid – FULLER, THICKER, HARDER!
– Dramatically increases your desire for sex
– Gives you greater control of your orgasms
– Increases your frequency of sexual thoughts

None of the ingredients listed on the ProSolution website are common to male enhancement products, which makes their claims of increasing sex drive, creating firmer, more durable erections and giving greater orgasmic control all suspiciously difficult to verify via scientific testing.
It is also not possible to increase the size of a man’s penis through their ‘erection system program,’ as this is primarily based on techniques that are used to build muscle. The reality is that there are no muscles in the human penis with which to ‘progressively overload,’ therefore any claims that such a method can add to the length or width of a man’s penis are simply not true.

Therefore, we cannot endorse the use of ProSolution as a valid male enhancement product.

Our recommendation: VigRx Plus


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